Rizzoli and isles fighting dragons

Date: 8/27/2017

By goddess_epona

So, I kinda switched between my perspective and Jane Rizzoli's. Dragons had begun to take over, and we lived in a jungle. Me/Jane and this other guy had to kill a dragon. As I was getting ready, I jumped up to an platform where we killed the dragons, but left my fireproof shirt on the ground. So all of the sudden, Angela Rizzoli is in a river beneath us, trying to get me my jacket. Then Jane, who WAS going to fight the dragon, is now helping Angela. They find it in the river, and somehow fling a sopping wet, quilted, fireproof jacked 100 feet off the ground to me. By the time the jacket gets up to me, it's dry, so I put it on. Then I wake up.