Desert Airship

Date: 1/17/2017

By Thatjamesguy

Me and my female cohort were exploring some islam-arab inspired desert country. we appeared to be done kind of government hired, though free lancing private investigators, think agent Scully and agent Mulder. we ran into a fairly young girl who seemed a bit worried about something, though everyone in the desert city seemed upset about something. the town was fairly poor, though it was still a flourishing, third world city. it was always very dusty and the Sun was intense. though I never went out and experienced it myself, I knew the nights were absolutely freezing in comparison. The young woman showed me and my nameless cohort around the city. her clothes looked nicer than most people around us. her cloth robes cleaner, though still dirty. she wore a few beaded necklaces and earrings. just glass, but nice nonetheless. Eventually my cohort and I noticed that there was something in the sky a long ways away, something large, that kept moving. There seemed to be an ever constant war that people were just used to, but this was new. In time, we existed in a sort of magic having, post Victorian, heading to steampunk era. We asked the girl what the sky thing was. She seemed nervous and uncomfortable about it, but refused to tell us. After a few days of sniffing around, we half found, half were brought to, a giant, absolutely massive hole in the desert, with walls lined with millions of arab-inspired rebels, they often looked like the stock bad guys from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This hole could easily fit over a hundred planes, but instead, a massive steampunk airship landed, just barely able to fit, but was completely hidden from a distance. Their leader had been the one to find us. he explained his philosophy and why he wanted to fight in the war. his reasoning was very take-over-the-world cultish. He thought everyone should be living under the same religious cult as him. The major philosophy was that if no one survives a massacre, it's a curse of God, but if one man survives, it's a gift. He planned to kill and only leave the few who were traumatized enough to follow his dogma. he explained this philosophy by murdering some of his own people. I woke up before I could do anything more.