Ship vs massive angry ocean elephant spirit

Date: 3/19/2019

By GoldenApple

Was on a giant ship, we had schools, jobs and people just travelling. I was in class looking out the window at the ocean, its foggy, but I clearly see this creepy looking elephant, it reminds me more of an angry spirit rather than something actually alive. Its a little bigger than the ship so its massive and its very slow, but heading towards us. I tell the teacher, but she says:" yeah, yeah it wont be able to catch up" The elephant sees us and I can see its not happy. I tell everyone its gonna attempt to destroy the ship. My classmates stay seated. I leave the classroom and just when im about to close the door I see the elephant very close, raising its long nose about to hit the ship. My classmates gets up, we all run, preparing for impact. They are panicking and so am I, but Im trying to remain calm. The ship drastically turn another way, but its wayy too late. All the glass shatters, it leaves a big dent in the ship. Were heading towards an island ahead, cuz emergency. Everyone attempts to get on the busses that are inside this ship, we are all heading down below to their cars and exit, preparing to leave the ship as soon as they possibly can. On my way down there was a old guy rambling about elephants, how much he hates them and then how much he hates busses which resulted in him being instantly banned from entering a bus. Because of him the bus wouldnt stop for me either. I decided to walk. I had a tiny friend with me, skinny beetle looking thing with antennas, it was a insect of some sort. Had arms and legs and a super cute face, but he was so extremely tiny, very human like. He sat in my hoodie. I didnt reach all the way down to the exit in time before we had stopped at the island. The elephant had stopped following us for a while now. The exit wasnt open, it was dark and quiet. Im walking on something squishy, weird and unstable causing me to trip a few times before I reach the glowing red button that opens the exit. Whatever im on starts gliding down the exit with me on top, like a slide. Outside I turn around and all I see is dead bodies squeezed together. They had crushed each other to death. The only person alive is a little deformed baby. Her face was all messed up, one of her eyes was the size of an orange. Me and this tiny beetle friend of mine called her Elia. We took her with us around the island, but some weird family took her to their car, drove on the side of the mountain, crashed and died, random and sad, but ok. Other than them, there were no people around or food. By the ocean I find a little wooden boat. I get in with my little beetle friend. Later we end up in a snowy, icy area, its cold. A fox is swimming in the water, he swims over to the boat and asks if im okay and that shouldnt be outside in this cold weather. I pass out, the fox pulls the boat over to a house by the ocean. The fox rings the doorbell, an old lady comes out and sees me half dead. She brings me inside feeds me, gets me warm. Beetle friend finally decides to come inside too, I say:" Hey! There you are, have some peach leafs, they are tasty" He shoves his whole face full of peach leafs (is that even a real thing?) He seems happy and I tell him to eat lots so he can grow bigger so ill be able to pet him, he blushes.