I'm friends with the cast of "Friends"

Date: 7/19/2017

By MarlenePsychom

We were all in a boat cabin. It was weird. It was like a single room that looks like a canoe but it has walls and stuff.There were a bunch of people who got on one too. It was someone's party and so I knew those ppl. We were all floating in the ocean and I was with Monica,Phoebe,Joey,Chandler and Ross.Idk where Rachel was because I only counted five ppl. We were drawing on the walls.I remember Phoebe drew a portrait of me.The walls were covered in writing and drawings from us. Then,(not on the canoe)a week passed and Phoebe died for some reason.Idk what happened.i remember I was so sad.I was crying so hard.Then,me and Chandler,Ross,Monica and Joey were walking around and found the canoes that have been used from the party a week ago.And we found ours.We just sat there talking about the drawings.I knew it was ours because of the portrait of me. It was sad