deadly proposal

Date: 2/14/2017

By lucid Bushugi

there was this girl that wanted to marry me. she was apparently really close to my friend brayan. I was walking on this lonely road early in the morning. I saw these two old guys sitting at a table and I sat down with them and talked. one of the guys was talking to me about getting married and I realized he was part of the scandal to get me to marry his obsessive girl. I told him no and I stood up and backed away. he brang out a knife and chased me. just like skyrim, I took out a war axe and a shield and layed him out bloody on the street. I left my jackets on this wall and some black girl tried stealing it. I stopped her and we talked about what just happened. we apparently went to the same school so we walked in together. I saw two of my other friends (waldir and tommy). Tommy showed me snaps that brayan took of my backyard and room saying that he was going to kill me when I get home. I had the idea that he hurt my dad so us three ran to the bus stop and on that run I realized I was dreaming. I shrugged it off because I was determined to stop brayan. a bus didn't come and I woke up.