school day

Date: 3/31/2017

By catheartic

I was at school and my first period was over, so I was walking to my second period. I basically ran to my class across campus with a backpack on wheels. my second period was economics but I went to gym by accident. I dressed out for gym by taking my shirt and bra off but leaving my pants on, but everyone else had all their clothes on. We had to sign in using a machine. There were several categories we had to click through to find our initials. I got up to the machine and clicked through a bunch of menus, but I couldn't find my initials, and I was taking a long time. Someone was behind me and they said something like "hurry up" in a whiny tone, and then they rested their chin on my shoulder. I looked over and it was a teacher who was doing that, so I said "Excuse me, that's rude/inappropriate" and she got offended. I walked away from the machine and went up to my teacher, I different one, and said "excuse me, I was taking so long because I couldn't find my name on the machine" so she said that I could write my initials on paper to sign in. Class started and we had to do lunges, run from side to side, and do pirouette​s. It was my turn and I did that, but suddenly the task we had to complete was different. We had to do two things that I don't remember and then fill a cup with as much ice as possible, all in the shortest amount of time. I was topless so my boobs were flopping around, but I finished with the best time and the most unique ideas to complete the tasks. Class was almost over, so we sat down and reflected on the activities we did. I'm fully clothed now and I noticed that my friend Rebecca was sitting in front of me, so I called her name and said hi. She stopped what she was doing, but didn't turn or acknowledge me. The bell rang and we got up to go to our next class. she turned in a few papers and finally looked at me but kept walking. I suggested that maybe we could walk to class together, and that I missed my real second period so I'd have to skip my third period and that she could maybe skip her class with me and go to the library. She seemed unsure, so I reminded her that we would stay on campus instead of leaving, and she agreed. She didn't want to talk much, so I got angry and said "why don't you respond to my texts? It's like you don't care about me." She started getting angry and "said I want to talk to you about something when we get to the library-" and I cut her off and asked if it was about me, and she said "kind of." We got to the library and I couldn't find the sign in sheet. Eventually I sat down at a table with Rebecca and another friend, Asriel, and Asriel picked up my phone and started playing with it. The librarian said that if she saw us on our phones she would take them, so I took my phone and put it under the table, and then I woke up.