Date: 8/18/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I was on a mission to entertain my friends and some new freshman on campus. We were going to have a party and I was trying to find some alcohol for everyone. I was super confident and I liked the energy I was receiving from everyone encouraging me and wanting to hang out. I knew of a place under the bleachers where kids hang out and drink and it sounded cool. I had never been there before. So I took them all to the bleachers and as I got lower underneath I saw I had to crawl down and it was really sandy all around kind of like a sandy cave and I could see the area where the kids crawl through but as I got closer I realized how tight it was. I started getting really nervous so I turned around towards Michael Waheed who was behind me and I was like "Michael I need to get out right now." I couldn't breath and I felt like it was going to collapse on me and there were a couple people behind me so I couldn't crawl out very fast and I was hyperventilating. I woke up breathing super heavily and nervous.