Offering bowl, nuclear strike apocalypse

Date: 8/1/2017

By TheNagual

A long running sequence - I was on a dark and gloomy boat, many people gathered around to discuss something. A women earned the applause of the crowd over another women. Me and Mike took off and drove down a narrow sunny street. We drove back and ended up in school hallways. Somewhere along I had to deliver two bags of weed to another car which was Mike. I myself was driving a police car however. We all met back up at the school. Somewhere along the line Mike lost a good sum of his money and was screaming with rage. Inside, I was handed a white bowl from my commander who was now retiring. I teared up and saw my commander leave, which was now my father. Later, a group of people all awaited documents from Mike. I got a test back, I saw the number 5/6, I had the original answer, 5, but over thought myself and had 3/4. I was walking through my house and everything was as normal as could be. I hear a plane or something similar, I look out to the left window and see a gigantic nuclear missile coming down with a whistling sound, time seemed to stop here and I was paralyzed with fear. The bomb goes off and the explosion was unimaginably vast and coming at me quick. I thought how this couldn't be a dream and I believed it was real with clarity. I had gone pretty much deaf from the initial blast and sat down next to my counter looking out the balcony awaiting my near death while in a shell shocked state. There was a large city and all around missiles were sprouting up from the underground preparing to annihilate the world. I woke up in fear.