cheated on...again.

Date: 8/25/2017

By explosvies

i don’t know why i keep having dreams of being cheated on; granted this is only the second one but one is enough, thank you. it was someone i was “in love” with all throughout high school and we only dated once. he broke up with me then asked to have me back the same day and i said no lol like? but i still liked him. i’m getting off topic but in the dream we got back together again? (side note: we were talking again during the summer but since i didn’t wanna date him he was done with me so that’s just lovely) anyway! he told me how he was in love with me and blah blah and we were holding hands walking somewhere i think a cafeteria? but this blue eyed girl sat down and she was pretty and for a second i was like uh back off but then i was like it’s not that serious but actually it was because they ended up dating! bitch didn’t even tell me we were over just started dating someone else. i hate how he comes back into my dreams sometimes ugh.