Cayde's knife

Date: 7/1/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

(Have I mentioned how much I love having dreams with Cayde-6 in them, because I really do, and this is the third one that I remember) Cayde shows me how to use his knife, it's a kind of throwing knife that was in a white leather sheath thing with some orange and blue and I think I had asked him about it or about something and then he just came up real close to me and showed me how to use it. Then maybe he gave it to me. Then there was that he had to restart, and Ikora Rey wasn't showing any sympathy at all, despite it being a part of being an exo. He was out next to a staircase, and on the stairs were a little hologram display of who he cared about and what was important to him, and it said that Ikora was his only friend or something. Also, there were these two huge enemies like ogres fighting eachother. I'd try and throw grenades to help, because one of them was good. Mudroom and blacktop is where this all took place, knife part in the mudroom and ogres on the blacktop. I was using either the deck outside the mudroom or its door's window to throw the grenades and shoot at them. Cayde's painful reboot took place on the right side of the blacktop but may have been the Vanguard Hall because that's almost exactly how it looked and felt, but it also felt like it was still nearby, if you know what I mean. Anyway, the reboot appeared to be extremely painful and a very vulnerable time for Cayde. He was collapsed over a staircase in Vanguard Hall but he still thrashed around (very slightly, as it was probably too painful to move much but impossible not to move at all, pain that I'm very familiar with) in pain and appeared extremely miserable (but he wasn't fully conscious I don't think). In other news, Ikora was not being her usual self and was extremely uncaring towards Cayde despite this being a regular thing exos have to go through. She softened upon the part where the hologram next to him (which was v orange and blue) said she was one of his closest friends (which is actually not very true though).