Kidnapping simulation

Date: 2/13/2019

By hibris

I fucking hated this dream, so much, it made me feel so hopeless and alone but anyway Somehow I ended up on a bus with my best friend and so many other kids I have never even seen, i assumed the bus driver was taking us home but he started taking us a different route then what I would normally go, the bus driver started acting SUPER SKETCH and so was my best friend, she wasn’t talking to me and at the point where I realized something was wrong she was calm when in reality I know she would’ve been breaking down crying or something, but then the bus driver said something along the lines of “what if I’m a creepy Indian man and I’m taking you somewhere else” i kinda just stood there...when we finally stopped somewhere, i have no fucking clue what this place was but we stopped and my best friend left the bus immediately not even saying a word or waiting for me, and as I got up I accidentally left my phone and charger and some girl behind me grabbed it, i got my phone back but she refused to give me my charger which was very wierd and the bus driver was like “get off the bus and let her keep your charger” I found another one so I had a charger regardless but as I got off the bus in the distance I could see a HUGE house and I mean HUGE, some men commanded us to head torwards it , i was hesitant but then I completely forgot about my best friend and somehow the memories of my best friend in the bus turned into my little sister and I was really desperate to find her because now I thought my sister came here with me all along , and i thought my “sister” had headed to the house. so I ran torwards the house and went inside. I couldn’t find my sister but the house literally had so MANYYY rooms, I was about 3 floors but once you walked inside the house was disgusting. There where rats and food everywhere but I kept on exploring the house, I couldn’t find my best friend or my sister. BUT THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN I TRY TO LEAVE THE “GAME”/ shutting off whatever device I was playing on, and it wouldn’t fucking let me it would say some shit like “you are not allowed to leave” anyway at this point there was still a lot of kids but not as many as I saw on the bus, somehow I could still use a device I’m not sure if it was a separate device or the device I was “playing on” and it had a very wierd texting application where I could contact only people who i assume got taken to one of these houses, my other best friend which wasn’t the best friend I game on the bus with, was texting with me, she was fully aware of the situation and even said how you can’t text your parents, so I tried it and the app was completely disabled and I couldn’t call numbers, but I could still use apps like YouTube and stuff. You only had a certain time to use this texting app and apparently I had used all my time and wasn’t allowed to use it again for the next 6 days. And then I had a bunch of visions/seeings, like one of a man saying “once you get this shut into your computer, you won’t be able to get it out” and idk if this was a dream in a dream but i knew my parents didn’t know where i was since i was now “missing” and somehow i ended up in my room , i couldn’t open the door and i highly doubt my parents in the room next to me could see me, think of it as like i was in my house, as a ghost which i think was the concept but i tried talking to them and got no response and i knew this probably wouldn’t happen again for s very long time and i had to get out of whatever i was in so i tried writing notes saying stuff like “I’m still alive save me” and then my actual body was back to the huge house I got token to, one of the men involved confronted me and said “so you think it’s ok to be texting your friends and sending notes to your parents” I know I got like punished or something but the dream is a whole blur after that and then I woke up. I could try and piece this shit together but it makes no sense, in other parts of the dream I was like with a teacher using my computer? Then I was in the library using this app and talking to strangers on discord I believe with a group of students, I know somehow this all links up to one big dream but I don’t feel like piecing it together so- if you read this whole thing tysm cause this was a long ass dream