#2 Brayson

Date: 3/23/2017

By Nakedmonkies

There was a man and I was in his house. He was very muscular and powerful and I think rich too. There were other guests joining the dinner table we all were sitting at, the man had cooked bread balls, salad, and I believe some sort of meat. It was all delicious, I tasted it in my dream and even thought to myself I need to get this recipe for the salad dressing. The dream skipped and I was in a bed with another man who was tied down, still in the same house. I was not tied down though. The man tied down was frantic, panicking. He started saying the name Brayson. When he did I did too. I started screaming it. The rich, powerful, muscular man came in through a door on the left side of the bed and told us both to shut up. I looked at him as said "It's Brayson, It's Brayson!!". The rich man's demeanor changed and he said "my son?". He immediately came to the right side of the bed where I was laying down and started talking to me saying things like "we are in holy matrimony now", he started to touch me and I remember protecting my belly button because I was afraid he was going to push on it my belly button ring or hurt it. Then I woke up.