prison escape with brother

Date: 2/10/2017

By tkhclj

For some reason I had to drive and I was on my learners but I had no one to drive with me anyway I drove through some type of drive thru and there were a lot of police ... then this female cop pulled me over and asked why I was driving ... I can't remember what I said but she was really nice got me to call my mum to pick me up she drove me to the closest servo and on the way I saw my step mum and sister in a house waving at me ... the dream flicks forward and I'm in a jail but I'm not supposed to be there and when I tried to escape the prisoners would stop me the next day all the guards myself and my brother tried to escape the prisoners caught us and raped us all ... I was able to escape and I got in this car and my little brother got into this big svu and the breaks on it didn't work so I was trying to catch his car with mine ... I stopped and this little Asian boy tried to get in my car I said no cause I was really busy ... I started to chase my brothers car I got to a waterfront and I thought that the car had submerged and I was too late then I look over and my mum and brother were next to the car that was surrounded by police tape then the dream ended