a fickle plot

Date: 4/27/2017

By dreamvan

parts of this dream were in the style of a 30s movie. The colours were black and white but with a silvery bluish sheen. In the beginning a man and his wife were arriving at a hotel. She was wearing a short white dress and had blond hair up in a braided coil. She was pretty and vivacious. The couple were having an argument. The next thing I remember he had left the hotel to meet his lover, a brunette in a wide-brimmed hat. He was a detective and she was helping with one of his cases. I felt sad for the man's wife. Then the dream changed and I was driving alone in Windsor, the city where I actually lived as a little boy, but in the dream I was in my 20s. I left the car in a parking lot and went to a rendezvous carrying a briefcase. I don't remember any details of the rendezvous but it took place in a campground. I arrived at a busy doctor's office for an appointment. I had lost my referral form and the receptionist would not agree to fit me in without it. The dream was still set in the 30s and we didn't know about computerized patient records. I went around the office trying to sort this out but to no avail. Outside again I was picked up by my father and brother in a car. The brother was not one of my real brothers. Dad took me back to where I had left my car. Then I discovered that I had lost my briefcase and parking slip, which was the same paper as the doctor's referral. I couldn't retrieve my car without it. Dad was impatient with me. I wanted to go back to the doctor's office to look for the lost items. We stopped the car on Ambassador Bridge and looked down on the city. I was fascinated to see an overview of Windsor in the 30s. It was much smaller and appeared to have been built only recently. We could see the whole city below. It was already becoming derelict with some houses only shacks made out of plywood. "Where are all the nice old houses?" I asked. I remembered there being some beautiful Victorian houses made out of brick and stone. I could see one in my mind's eye. I got back in the car and was returning to the hotel with the man and two women from the first part of the dream. He was driving and the blond woman was sitting in the passenger seat beside him. I was in the back with the woman in the wide-brimmed hat. Then it was revealed that this woman was actually his wife. The one in the front seat was his sister, despite their kisses and terms of endearment in the first scene. I groaned in annoyance and said to someone who was watching the movie with me, "That's a ripoff. She was clearly his wife in the first scene. they made this movie up as they went along." The car's top was down. It was a beautiful day.