The Black Spheres?

Date: 2/21/2017

By kidneypunch

It began with myself at this theme park/amusement park. (There was a bunch of people there that I knew; Bri and Gina were there and they were doing things in stiletto Heels.) After a while, something had happened and I was fighting someone. (Can't remember this part) Sometime after that, I found myself in this strange place. (It was like underground sewers, but redone and a lot nicer to live in.) they were showing me around the areas and explaining the orbs. (They were these small black spheres that formed into what you wanted; which was based off an old story Idea that I had.) I remember using using/testing them to get onto a higher ledge. As the girl talked, I suddenly felt this strange presence and said: "They're here...." I started to gather spheres; including everyone else's; to protect everyone in the place. I woke after that.