Cute rats

Date: 8/12/2017

By pretzeling

My sister and I were on vacation, staying at a hotel with plans to drive to "Canadian Disneyland" in a rental car. For some reason we had to help clean the hotel before we left in the morning. My sister was still asleep as I wandered down the hallways with a mop. I became aware that Kim Kardashian lived permanently at this hotel, and saw her sleeping on a couch in some common area full of fancy furniture. I saw her brother wake her up to help clean. I woke up my sister, telling her that she had better get up and start helping before Kim Kardashian does because she wouldn't want to seem lazier than Kim. I commented on how much I hated her app game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and claimed "everyone in it is naked." I also commented on her sex tape with distaste. Then I found some rats in our room. However, these rats were extremely cute and so I wanted to bring two home as pets. One was purple so I named her Lavender. The other had a calico pattern but I forget what I named him. I put on blue latex gloves, put the rats in a container, and fed them some seeds. Meanwhile, as I cleaned, there was a dog lying in a doggie bed in our sink. I felt bad because every time I needed to turn on the tap or dispose of something in there, the dog would get wet. Then we drove to Disneyland. Because it was Canada some of the signs were in French. When we got to the Disney Hotel, I realized that Lavender had run away. I decided to get more rats in the Disney Hotel; I lured them out by tapping on the bathroom floor with my fingernails to imitate rat skittering. I chose a new one based on fur pattern; the newest rat I chose had neon green, neon pink, and white fur. I wanted to see what would happen if she had babies with the calico rat. I felt awfully shallow for choosing the rats based on looks and not personality.