Competition + Car Crash?

Date: 7/6/2017

By voxinsox

So, I was in this huge building for a band competition, and we were all fraternizing in our seats and practicing small things. I heard this from one band: "Remember, you say Polo Marco, and I say Marco Polo. You're supposed to be the dumb blonde." Another band made an MPGIS reference and I joined in. Suddenly we were outside in lines in this courtyard, counting down in Spanish, going like 54321, 4321, 321, etc, except we were going down from 10 (and in Spanish). When we got to one, the staff member said a weird number and as she tried to explain it, there were horrible screeching noises and crashes coming from outside the fences. We stood there in horror not saying anything as it happened, and some people from our band were apparently outside the fence and they came to the fence and started to explain. I turned on my ringer just in case people called me and asked if I was alright. Some asshole decided to cut through traffic to get to another road, but that wasnt the cause of the crash. He apparently had like no depth perception, and decided to drive off the side of a fucking *RAMP* onto the road below, not even knowing that he was like 15-20 feet above the road blow the ramp. His car nosedived off the edge and he hit another car below, and other cars just crashed as well. The only survivor was a little girl who had just lost both her parents and was on her way to their funeral.