Lightning Storm

Date: 3/18/2017

By uselessphil

I am flying over a subdivision in a helicopter when I notice a large truck with a snowplow blade attached to the front. The blade was broken and for some reason had a giant Google logo on the front of it. I then notice a large tank like delivery truck coming towards it with a replacement blade. The delivery truck is very large and has tank treads for its back axles. as it approaches the snowplow it becomes clear that the driver doesn't know what he is doing as he is constantly running into sign posts and bushes. while I found this odd what was more troubling was the fact that the ground under the truck was arcing electricity across it. causing the grass to catch fire. I am now on the ground and looking at the electrical marks on the ground. I could touch the ground with a stick and electricity would arc to it. I look up at the sky and see that there is a storm coming. I am now at my parents house and am warning them of the storm. I run around the house frantically disconnecting electrical appliances and computers to keep them safe from the storm. While in the basement finishing up unplugging equipment I hear my mother yell to come up and see the storm. as I head outside I turn to the North to see a wall of clouds and constant lightning strikes. The storm is coming closer and the sound of the thunder is deafening. I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up and see a white flash. and I wake up.