Date: 4/17/2017

By Neek

At a family get together. Lots of people over at Myra and Kevs. Big boxes of snacks everywhere. They were moving the boxes from one storage to another. We were helping. I put a piece of hard candy in my mouth and bit down. The hard candy was mixed with glass, so I spit it out. I had a small piece of glass in my face. Standing in front of a mirror I was trying to get it out. Memie, Albert, and another person were making fun of me. I turned around and said "Fuck you, fuck you, and pointed to the third person and said Fuck you!" 😂 the third person was my mom 😂👏🏽😆. I then continued to help move the boxes. I even told Myra and Kev that I could sell some of their candy for them.