Meet n Greet Adventure

Date: 7/16/2017

By melb

I remember lining up at some weird office building for a chance to meet tyler joseph. I remember some lady at the front desk kinda bein rude I guess? So we line up and some person is like "okay it's time to go in" and so we do and we wait a bit and this room is like a boardroom I guess with a bunch of chairs and a huge table desk thing. Suddenly tyler enters from across the room and everyone is screaming and freaking out and we greet him one by one. We don't even have a chance to say anything to him.. He's the sweetest thing ever but we just hug him and leave and I remember feeling really upset after that because I wanted to tell tyler something important. So I come back the next day for meet n greet part 2 and this day we get to meet brendon urie. for some reason they allow people to give him pieces of paper with writing on it. I decided to use that time to write something for tyler because I felt like I wanted to say more to tyler. I also remember some lady saying I can only have a max of two words that i can say and i'm like "nah" so i fold a piece of paper and wrote something on each side. I'm not even sure if I got to give the message to Tyler? I remember a round 2 of the tyler meet n greet and I think I had to show up extra early and I think i ended up having a decent conversation with him. But meeting brendon was wild because we got to hang out with him for longer and I somehow managed to get a lot of his attention by shouting witty things at him. He was dancing and singing a lot and running around and I remember almost kissing him because our faces were so close to each other somehow.. Next thing I knew he left the room to say hi to some people lining up for another meet n greet and one girl freaked out but some other girl turned around and was like "who dis" and brendon are was like "i see how it is" and he went back into the board room and started a slideshow presentation about a girl who committed suicide? I remember crying and leaving the building and somehow finding myself at some apartment complex. There were a bunch of people around and i think i managed to find the family of the girl who committed suicide. I think i somehow got in a fight with the people at the apartment complex and I found myself in a bus tree house?? It was creepy and dark and full of old stuff so I left and when I came back there were kids driving cars into other cars in the parking lot and so i went inside to tell an adult and alert them about what's happening.. next thing I knew I was watching some weird try not to laugh/cry/get turned on videos? It somehow turned into porn and I was like wth okay.. I remember trying to add things to the crack!vid material playlist but couldn't cuz it was a dream i guess. It was quite frustrating. I also think i remember making out with matt?? - the end I guess