Date: 6/27/2017

By XsageX

We were in war. My friend, J, Ill call her, and I were on a wall. It was something like the great wall of China but not there.We were then given ropes and spears. People were already tying ropes around their waist and jumping down the wall with their spears, killing whatever that was down there. J and I didnt dare. Soon enough, the wolves managed to climb up the wall. They were really close to us. All I could do was kick them down, I'm a coward okay? I don't have the heart to kill animals. J on the other hand, grabbed them by their necks and sliced their throats. The image was still clear in my mind. It was disturbing. The wolves keep coming at me, but none of them bared their teeth. But I still kicked them down, I didn't want to, but it seemed necessary at that moment. I wrapped the rope around one's neck but it didn't fight so I let it hang til death. I had my thumb in its month, I can feel it biting but it wasn't hard nor does it seem fierce about it , but I let it die anyways. I felt really guilty. J then took her knife and sliced my wrist on my right hand. It stung, but I was used to it since I used to cut myself a lot , but it was on my left arm instead of my right so it was a surprise for me. An authority came up to me as if I commited treason and dragged me to meet the higher ups. They saw my bloody wrist and stopped, as if knowing I wasn't the one committing the crime. Then he walked away, and I was sure he was looking for J.