Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Jostein was sulking on the couch after a disagreement with his friend, saying 'not good night to you either' as they hung up the phone.

Jostein eileraas var sur på meg

Date: 8/30/2019

By monjanse

Jostein og jeg var på tur med videregående skole oppi fjellet med telt. jeg hadde glemt telt og var med Niels på skolen og skolen skulle se Alene hjemme filmen mens de andre var på turen. meg og mamma snakket med Jostein i telefonen i bilen til mamma i førretunellen på vei til mamma. Jostein vil ikke si god natt til meg når jeg sa god natt. han låg i sofaen sin og sov i telefonen, og da sa jeg til slutt til han "ikke god natt til deg heller". Han var nemlig sur på meg.

AI generated interpretation This dream seems to reflect feelings of guilt and a sense of isolation. Jostein being angry at you could symbolize unresolved conflict or tension in a relationship, possibly stemming from a situation where you feel like you have disappointed someone or let them down. The setting of being on a school trip in the mountains with a tent can represent a desire for exploration and adventure, but forgetting the tent could suggest feelings of unpreparedness or vulnerability in a situation. The part where you are with Niels watching a movie while others are away could indicate feelings of being left out or missing out on experiences. The interaction with your mother and talking to Jostein on the phone while in the car could symbolize a need for communication and connection, but being unable to fully connect with Jostein could point to feelings of distance or miscommunication in a relationship. Overall, this dream may be highlighting feelings of guilt, isolation, and missed connections with others. It could be beneficial to reflect on any recent conflicts or unresolved emotions in your waking life that may be manifesting in your dreams. Communication and addressing these issues openly with the people involved may help resolve any underlying tensions.