Killing demons and corpse parties

Date: 6/9/2019

By Spooped_gurl

1st part of dream was during the day at my house. It was really bright but cool. Dad was running the lawnmower to lure these flying demons that looked kinda like dinosaurs down & I would fly up & kill them. Then I did animal like calls in the air to lure them & had him get in the basement. 2nd part was in my room with some vibrators. I turned on the lights & one was covered in this gross thick yellow jelly stuff & stopped working. Then I was at this sky rise building at night at a cool party. It was one of the only cities with lights that wasn’t abandoned in the mirror world I keep visiting. There were neon pale blue & pink lights everywhere. There were glass walls & big white crystalline chandlers everywhere. There were also multiple tiers of floors. People were drinking a lot & heavy petting. I was wearing a black halter top long evening gown with a plummeting v line & slit on one leg. I was on the upper levels trying to get to the penthouse at the very top of the sky rise for reconnaissance for a group I was able to contact. I was taking to the host who looked like Tony Stark (RDJ) and he threw the key for the penthouse at me. He was wearing a red & black smoke jacket. I think he was Adam’s dad & also the devil. Things got eerily quiet & I turned around & everyone turned to rotting corpses with flies everywhere. I was pretty spooked, so I was silent & just darted my eyes to everyone. He said something like “ not everything is all fun & games down here & not what they seem. Be careful of what you want.” I had a really bad feeling about the upper penthouse. Then I woke up.