Lean on me

Date: 6/6/2017

By ogatalata

I was given some face lotion and I put it on but it made my face horribly disformed. I had huge boils on my face and my face was discolored. Then suddenly Got7 showed up. My face turned into a "prank" but was soon forgotten. We had fun together. We went places and talked and stuff but for some reason I was injured, like I sprained my ankle, I would limp or lean on someone when I had to walk. I don't know if I was faking or not. Also one moment I remember quite clearly was Jackson thought he had hurt me or something and hugged me. It was really nice and warm and even though he did not hurt me I felt better afterwards. At the end they had to leave but promised we could come visit their house. The dream, for some reason, made me feel almost nostalgic but it was quite blurry when I awoke, I remember the feelings well but not the details