Haunted House

Date: 7/6/2017

By vhpina

I was living in a large Haunted Mansion with my Portland roommate. I remember outside in the dirt parking lot with old creaky looking like trees someone was trying to steal mahlmans car. I ran after him and was screaming for mahlman to come out and look, after lots of screaming the guys came out and we captured the thief. the house ended up being full of secret passages and underground passages that hid weird like transformation monsters that would reach out and grab you from the cracks on the bottom of the walls. when we finally found a way to pull out the monster from the cracks I was able to use alchemy to create different sword like weapons to defeat it. afterwards I went out to meet with some people and I remember the place had an underground level where I saw two people having sex on top of toilets. someone was trying to threaten me and I offered them a kiss from this blonde that had promised it to me, one of the girls I had seen having sex.