Party at My Sister’s House

Date: 6/9/2019

By briannagio

Alex and I were going to a party at my sister Nicole’s house. Renee, Blake, Blane, Nicole and Brody were driving in a separate car behind me. When we got there, the street and the outside of the house looked like my dad’s house. We were the first ones there and I put in the garage code, but once we got in the house, I didn’t know how the code of the alarm system. I tried calling my dad, and Alex said “no, you should call Aunt Nancy. Dad’s probably asleep.” I checked the time and saw that it was 9:39pm [even though it was light enough outside to be the afternoon]. I told Alex that Aunt Nancy goes to bed way earlier than Dad, so that wouldn’t make any sense. I called my dad and he didn’t answer, but his voicemail message was recorded by Aunt Nancy. My sister Nicole showed up to the house and I told her what was going on, then she told me that the alarm wasn’t even on. When she said this, I felt really stupid cause I realized that it didn’t go off when we got in the house. After that, more people started showing up. A little blonde boy and girl, who were apparently my cousins, were playing outside with my old bikes. They rode them down the street, and then the younger one left the one he was using down the street. I complained about having to go and carry it back, so Blane went to go get it for me. I thought this was very nice, but I didn’t want him to think that I trying to hint for help. The younger one finally rolled up back to the house and I tried to guide him into the house, but he fell off the bike and face-planted into the ground in front of the front door.