Date: 2/16/2019

By juibbu

Don’t hardly remember anything except for the fact that I was somehow back in gymnastics but not REALLY- it was at SLG and I was on the bars with Bridget. Coach Sean was still there and what happened essentially was Kailyn was going to be severely punished or kicked off the team because she had propellors on her feet. They made her demonstrate doing some things on the bean and mat and I could clearly see it, and when she finished I could see her hand grasping it. I came up and I told coach Sean(near the red wall) that I had experienced the same controversy but in a dream... I’m not exactly sure of his response to that, though. Then it kind of cuts to this scene where we are sitting on a huge hard blue foam mat, and I am trying to fidget my way into a comfortable position. McKinley and Bridget are beside me. Finally I am able to find a comfortable position by situating my butt just below the ‘summit’ bump, while McKinley is still kind of struggling. Then people start passing out Sour Patch Kids..???? And I get around 7. I stuff 5 in my sweatshirt pocket and hold the other 2 close to me. One is a weird green- red- blue gummy that’s shaped like a circle, which was the 2nd last they gave out. I hear from the floor area somebody says something along the lines of ‘don’t drop it or you know what will happen.’ She drops it and I can’t really see it but I hear candy wrappers falling to the floor and crinkling and I see a few ashamed looks. Then it cuts to this weird scene in the middle of a grassy area outside with a blue sky and grey tables full of kids. It’s lunch time and they call certain kids up to do some ballet step sequence and assigns them different sauces. It’s getting late so I decide to draw a bit of attention to myself by walking towards coach Mei. She chooses me and sends me up to the front, in front of all the tables, to dance the steps. I have lots of trouble remembering what to do, and right before I go they make us stomp really loud for some reason. Then it starts and I’m a bit confused as to what exactly to do... the first 2 counts were the footwork from NCT’s Regular at the beginning of the chorus. The next 6 counts of the 8 count I don’t know exactly. Then I spill sauce on my palm and Travis appears next to me. I wipe the sauce off of my palm/forearm. It’s not all gone so I try to taste a little. It’s this tangy and disgusting vinegar tomato. After I wipe it all off I forget about it. Travis laughs at me. After it’s finished I check my phone for the time and it’s 6:39, which means lunch is ‘past over.’ So I text my mom to pick me up even though every kid is still there. I see she has texted me twice already like- ‘Adopt?’ I can’t remember the 2nd text but it was longer. So I text her ‘Adopt’ and she comes soon. Then the setting is our house but with carpet and tile instead of the hardwood. I sneak up to my parents room where 1 dumber looking 30 y/o white lady is sleeping and also some other people. I can’t remember if my parents were there. There is a box on the top left corner of the bed and it has 6 donut/cookies in it. I hear the 30 y/o say something sexually about them like it’s ‘everything you’ve ever wanted.’ I take all except one in the box because I’m ‘controlling myself,’ right? So I head downstairs to the kitchen table. Travis is there and I sit and eat the first cookie, a small extremely white cookie with a dollop of red icing. This is the smallest cookie and it tastes hella good. The second cookie is another white cookie that has light pale pink icing and a white body, about 2.375 times the size of the red one. At this point I’m like ‘meh this don’t even taste good.’ But I still eat it anyways. The next one is a piece of toast that is hella soggy and buttery and I throw it away in a heartbeat. The next one is a blue crispy donut thing. I eat it and I have no idea how it tasted. The last was a small blue one with a white body and as soon as I start to put the icing on it(which is more like a blue fondant), the lady from the room says “how do you get to china?” In the most dumb white girl way possible. I then see China starting to get covered in blue, some places darker and some light, and then I write with my finger in white, “America is coming.” Idk why but I got the vibe of a cute Chinese/Korean guy named “Jae-hyun” being alerted of it and shaking his head in disappointment. Then it switches to a little balcony skit about Chinese pronunciation and that natives can’t really have English accents except for one smart and pretty one. She has flowy black hair and is wearing a flowy pink blouse. Then I’m at the kitchen table with travis again and he’s eating a kolache. I want some so I ask if I can take a piece off while gesturing towards it. He makes a weird shrugging motion and kinda shakes his head weirdly. I’m take the piece of the bread that’s deliciously cheesy and eat it, saying “I’m not sure if that was a no or a yes.” And that’s all I can remember lmao