7 Month Long Coma

Date: 8/26/2017

By QuietQueen

I'm dating a man, blonde, buff, and bearded, who has a mansion. While at his house, I see that he has a personalized greenbay Packers coffee pot. It is then that I realize he is a professional NFL player. I spend the night and he has a huge bed. He gives me jammies to wear which are way too big. I awake the next morning to see that I'm somewhere else. Like some resort. And Zack (my S/O) is in bed beside me. He says to me, "Ask your parents if you can spend the night on Christmas." This confuses me, because it's only April. Christmas isn't for 8 more months. But I'm wrong. Turns out it's actually thanksgiving day, and I panic because I must have been in a 7 month long coma. That's all I remember.