Date: 4/24/2017


Me and gabby wait for our bus. Some man runs down the road screaming "that's not your bus!!" Gabby doesn't hear this and gets on anyway. This lady on the bus has a gun and is barking commands at everyone. I put my backpack down and sneak backwards into the forest, in the forest a kid runs up to me and says "Tell everyone not to attack!" I agree and keep running. When I get to the forest I meet thousands of kids who seem like they are evacuating and it's suddenly night. Everyone seems very sad and I run over to my teachers who are sitting in camping chairs getting drunk and I scream "don't attack! Don't attack!" But they seem completely unfazed. "What the fuck is wrong with you guys??" I said.. One of my teachers, Mr. Plude says, "look Patrick, we can't do anything for them. We know the government is just going to drop a nuke on them and kill them all, children included, and yes we know it sad but we can't do anything" he started crying conversation. Hearing this from a teacher and realizing I couldn't do anything and that my girlfriend was on the bus I start breaking down crying and clutching my phone because I want to call her. I keep screaming "I want to see you again! I love you! Please please be ok!" And things like that Dream me is extremely sad and crying until he realizes he's in a dream. He wakes up (dream me wakes up into another dream) he wakes up in an FBI office and I (dream me) is very relieved and stands up and sees Gabby so I run towards her and tell her how much I love her. Then that dream cuts to some FBI agents sitting in a room around a tv screen watching dream me. FBI 1 "wow you really did it" FBI 2 "I told you I could make him realize that he shouldn't take her for granted" The rest of the dream was like the any show like that (like NCIS) and just had a cheesy outro