8. Crazy dream

Date: 6/14/2017

By blankfoote

I don't remember too much about the first dream but I do remember that the girl in the dream, I think she was annoying or something, was hiding while I ran from a horde of people trying to kill us, and she watched them all run by and expecting the horde to be over, more ran up and one of them cut off half her head and she fell. The dream after that was me and a bunch of people joining the military but we were in enormous tents that had televisions and a bunch of beds for a team of people. So I remember there was some riot and I joined and there was a game stop and some guy at it, well it was locked and the guy opened it by pushing it, so we ran in and stole a bunch of games but I got scared and decided to put them back and I think this corporal helped me and we left. Later, some sergeants squeezed the truth out of me. They weren't mad at me, but they fired the corporal. The next dream was just a series of very odd and surreal events happening in this large house, where it seemed as though it was haunted but not normal haunting, like playful but it's playful was creepy. I'd open a room to a snowy place with a large snake-like object sticking out and not moving but a little baby was there. I don't think it was my son but I can't remember. I remember I was trying to look for him though.