My first lucid dream

Date: 4/7/2017

By ragbolt1

I was in class at school when I was reminded of sourcefed because of some posters on the wall but the posters didn't make sense, then I became aware I was in a dream and counted my fingers all of a sudden the scenery changed to my bedroom but I was finding difficulty stabilizing the dream I was rubbing my hands which kind if worked but I would feel myself starting to slip out multiple times but I couldn't stabilize all the way. I was able to summon my phone onto my bed which I could pick up but couldn't summon a person. I tried imagining the person behind the door and then I would open it to find them standing there but that didn't work. Slipping out of the dream felt like I was tired so I walked to the bed when I started seeing two then I woke up In my bed and did a reality check. I was no longer dreaming.