Larger Than Life.

Date: 4/19/2017

By Fitful

Lucid dream/Astral travel? Not a real dream. I never fell asleep. There was a black door, but you only saw half of it. The top half, and it was streaming in an unnatural wind or current. Long inky black tentacles. The whole thing seemed alive and to be looking at me. -- I was in a god's temple only it size was glaticic. I was literally a speck inside this temple, if it were a picture I would be barely a centimeter on a thousand foot canvas. It was a white hallway, darkened by lack of proper lighting. A few torches did enough. The right side of the hallway was lined in seats, each seat in high relief had a back carved like the God it was made for. As if the gods were so great they tired walking down the hall and had to sit for a while. --- I had a negative thought and a girl's face I had been staring at, which was faintly pretty, twisted suddenly. Her teeth bent inward, like buck teeth only backwards, and snaggle teeth jutted out like parenthesis. Her eyes were off too, maybe cross eyed or bug eyed, and her ears turned to flaps and I stared a bit. She did seem ugly. --- I asked to see my Astral body, it appeared in a mirror, then my emotional body. I recieved colors, oranges and sky blue but my left leg, half of it was missing. My heart was a cage made of grey stone. My brain was this grey mass, inside it a shining golden jewel for the pineal gland. I turned the image of my body around, because the point was to inspect my spine. (I was hoping to heal my sciatica.) the tail bone jutted out and was red, inflamed red and root chakra red in color. I grabbed onto it and I stayed with the sensation, burning in fires hotter than lava, anger was among the flames. I entered a world on fire(my hand still clutching the tailbone of my Astral spine as if in both realities), with this heat and uncomfortable emotions andI tried rain (summoning it from the sky above the trees) but it just ooured threatening to drown me. The rain heated up instead of cooling, Hissing on my face. I tried snow. The snow was nice, the red of tailbone calmed a bit, was blue near the base. I fell into a cavern beneath the earth and a giant plant grew out of the depths it was too wild for me to feel happy about it though it was better than fire. I burned it with a thought and it turned to a black egg. The egg hatched into a inky black ball of tar, but it was a creature. It got into a spaceship and flew into orbit, waving at me. It was cute waving. It looked like a cactus. --- I was thinking about oppression and what came to me is no one is ever oppressed, they just feel as if they are. And then a native American hunting Lodge in the redwoods in California came through. I don't know if it even exists.