love is a strange thing

Date: 2/7/2017

By medina_4882

I dreamt that I stayed over at my best friend's house, her mom never let's me sleep over even though its happened before, so I'm dreaming that me and her are just watching Netflix and she falls asleep on my chest and I say this is real, then I wake up in the dream still dreaming I wake up and see Danie on my chest still and then I wake her up and we talk about how do I get out of her house but she says I'll tell her it was my bad I fell asleep first. So I take a shower and I come out saying sorry and then I wake up for real and she's still asleep on my chest and then I wake her up I play some 2009 country music and now we're just chilling and I tell her I think I'm in love with her and we kissed Omfg I just got my first kiss with my best friend. Love is a strange thing.