Ominous Hospital/Shanty Town Escape

Date: 7/1/2019

By andotherpoems

The environment in this dream was all Ridley Scott -esque, a la Escape From New York and Blade Runner. Walking up a hill to a hospital. It’s about four stories tall, maybe more. I’m with husband and an unknown man and woman; I know the man is dangerous for some unspecified reason, but I cannot let on that I know this. I’m trying to get seen for something unspecified. I state that I know one of the nurses, my friend’s mother Sharon. They let me take the elevator up to find her. She’s on the second floor; the hospital is badly lit and dingy, but this floor is even worse. Staff are administering chemotherapy to patients in small cubicles. I find Sharon; she’s administering chemo to an orange tabby cat (wtf). She gives me advice but I don’t remember it, or my question. I leave and rejoin the group. Husband, the woman, and I all successfully ditch the guy and leave the hospital. We walk back down the road and into a shabby-looking industrial neighborhood. Trash litters the deserted street. Some cars are parked, most look abandoned and some look to be currently lived in. We hear some small noises here and there, but soon hear running and something in me says we have to hide. A blue van is deserted, we can see there’s some stuff inside through the open back doors. I motion for us to quickly hide. We find some blankets and coats to hide under, and soon after, a band of renegade cops come around the corner. They pass us without noticing. Once the coast seems clear, we leave the car and turn left onto the next street. A short ways on, the industrial area gives way to a sprawling shanty-town. The residents notice us, but mostly seem wary and nonthreatening. An old woman, very much like a wise, no-nonsense elder archetype, advises us on how to avoid the murderous roving cops, and warns us of some terrifying streetwalkers who sometimes creep around. We explain that we need to get home, but don’t know the way. She shows us a bus route, and says the bus doesn’t run often but should come soon. We hide in the bushes until we see the bus rounding the corner. At the same time, numerous streetwalkers can be seen trying to converge on the shanty town. The residents seem accustomed to this, and are prepared. We have to hop onto the bus quickly, and we watch as the residents defend themselves (successfully, the streetwalkers are creepy but not competent). We’ve escaped.