airport in hometown

Date: 7/15/2019

By dreamywanderer

I was riding my bike in the nearest city of my home called Edappal. Suddenly an aeroplane passed in font of me like it was just take off. I was wonder how can a flight take off from here, there is no airport in this city. I asked to someone where that flight came from. Suddenly i saw an airport in front of me instead of junction. I was wonder, every day i ride in the same city i dindn't see this before. At that time i realised i'm in dreaming. I was excited because i realised i'm experiencing lucid dreaming. I was confused about how can make this dream as a wonderful experience. Now i was walking inside in the airport. I was tried to visualise a sea inside in the airport but i couldn't. I couldn't visualise my dream as my wish. So i decided to enjoy this with existing dream. I saw a bus parked in runway and a beautiful girl is stairing at me. It is little far away. I closed my eyes in the dream and imagined i reached near the bus. Then opened my eyes but bus is wanished. I was disappointed because i couldn't control my dreams even i realised i'm in dreaming. Now i'm confused am i dreaming or just imagine things. I decided to check that. I tried to raise my hands and i think if i am sleeping i cant do that. But i raised my hands and look on it. I can see my hands. I turned my body to change my sleeping position. I fell down from my bed. My brother was sleeping on the ground. At that time i realised now only i woke up. I stand up and again lied on my bed and tried to visualise the previous dream. Suddenly i woke up really. Now only i realise my brother is sleeping in another room and i was in sleep till now.