That Drunk Gothic College Melancholy

Date: 2/14/2017

By Fitful

I was living alone and not handling it well. I had this crazy need to collect huge plushies to feel safe at home. I was going to school but having a lot of mental breakdowns. Once I apparently tried to climb a tower(black glass office building) which was on fire in the rain. I was turned out in full Gothic mode in this dream so the scene was very cliché. There was even Gothic music playing. I went to a friend's house and she was surprised to see I had bought my own metal stick, to match her metal stick. (I'm not sure what the metal stick did.) I holed up in her bathroom for a while, I'm not sure why and her mother didn't like that. So my friend took me out and got me really drunk for the first time. I mean so wasted it wasn't even funny. After, she invited me to an event on the 81st of the month. I went home and kept thinking the event was on the 18th which was the next day, and had to call her and tell her I couldn't make it because I was so fucked up. The call didn't go well, listening to my recording I just made a lot of noise which sounded like sex instead of talking. I meant to delete that and try using English but I was too drunk to manage it and ended up using that message. I tried calling again and leaving a more coherent message to cover the first but it didn't turn out much better. I then went over to her house the next morning and tried to tell her this mix up, but she and I were still not quite making sense. Or maybe it was me who wasn't making sense, she seemed to not be able to understand me at all. She was trying to do schoolwork anyway and I was basically pestering her. She did hear me sorta, and went to check the messages, but I panicked I told her no!! She stopped but still didn't understand why.