Digital art, After experiencing numerous episodes of sleep paralysis, a person finds themselves trapped in their bed, unable to move, as they witness shadowy figures, intense auditory hallucinations, and even physical sensations, leading to a newfound fear and curiosity about the increasingly vivid nature of their dreams.


Date: 8/5/2017

By RyanHasty

So this was my worst case of sleep paralysis so far. Its not my first so i recognized it coming on, so it wasn't so bad, until it started becoming too vivid. It starts with my opening my eyes to see a shadowy feminine like figure standing at the foot of my bed. The room is loud with screaming and laughter. I try to move my head to look away from the figure to calm myself, only to see another on all fours dart across my room to the corner. I tried to get up or say something. I squirm and kick my legs back to feel someone in the bed with me. I hear them lightly laughing in my ear. Then i wake up.. its never been that bad before, i used to find sleep paralysis interesting but after that, im a little scared to see how vivid these dreams will get.