Running and Kissing?

Date: 4/9/2017

By beanofthejill

I had a dream I was a runner. I lived in the house I do now and the setting was much like it actually is in real life. A group of us went to go running in the park. We were out into pairs and ran. I wasn't totally sure where they were going. It seems as if they were racing towards a goal, but I had no clue what it was. I was paired with the guy, who at the very last second I found out his name was Dena, or Dema. We started off running, but I lead him astray and had him play on the playground with me. I took pictures of us on the slide. The first was when I slid down after him, and the second I just had us switch positions. During that time, it almost felt as if he was a doll. I moved him to the position I wanted to and he followed along. After the pictures, I kissed him. It seemed natural, like we have been doing it for a while. He made a comment on if we should stay or get out of the rain, and I suggested to move out of the rain. After seeing the runners walking back, we jogged/ran up where we started. I noticed the grass was already wet and mushy. As we left the park, and Dena/Dema was entering his house. I shouted to him, "Wait, what's your name?" He responded back with a dazzling smile and said "Dena/Dema". I couldn't hear clearly what he said so he repeated it, but I still never caught it clearly. I woke up there.