Traitors {Lucid}

Date: 3/9/2017

By GraceSmith

I woke up after 4:00 for no apparent reason. It was uncomfortable getting back to sleep, but I concentrated on being Lucid. It wasn't a WILD, but I did count my fingers. I was in my house and floated through it a bit. But it wouldn't last long and I'd wake up a little. Lots of stuff. So it's hard to remember. I was Lucid a couple short times. But at one point I was outside in a city I didn't know. It was overcast. Alfred Molina and some other people I didn't know were there too. We were talking about stuff, and I was also playing on playground equipment, but it was a really cool set and I could do acrobatic stuff easily (which is one of my favorite things in dreams, since I'm so limited in waking life.) There was political uproar in that town, so there were protests going on. We went to this apartment building and I'm not sure of all the details. But there was a short person who I thought was up to something bad. In fact, I suspected everyone I was with to be working for the wrong side. There was some action fighting I think.