Overturned house

Date: 7/7/2017

By dreamvan

A natural disaster had occurred. I heard that it had destroyed the house I lived in. I had some difficulty getting to it because the city was in chaos. The neighborhood mostly closely resembled the one where I lived as a small child, with two-story houses close together. The disaster was like a combination earthquake and electrical storm that struck individual buildings but left others standing nearby. My house had flipped right over when it exploded, and was standing balanced on the peak of its roof resting against the houses beside it. The house was massive, and made of thick concrete blocks. It was hard to imagine the force that had done this. I found my cat unharmed, though she had been in the house when it exploded. She was a combination of the two cats I had as a child, Grey Shadow and Smudge. We were glad to see each other. The neighborhood was deserted. Even though the nearby houses were undamaged, it wasn't safe for people to go back to them. I learned that a demolition crew was coming to dismantle my overturned house.