Being eaten by a liquid black hole

Date: 3/19/2021

By Lottie

There was a celebration on earth in the 50s everyone would party all night on this day Until, in the middle of the night, a pool of black hole opened up, small at first, but as it grew it got bigger Me and my girlfriend/boyfriend (the person kept changing) ran home 3 times in total because time kept resetting at the end of the night, that third time was the most detailed Before the portal opened up someone ran over the spot it was supposed to open, I didn’t know them in my dream but upon waking I know that was my friend plex Everyone was shocked at what they did The portal opened and we all started running home, everyone wanted to be with their families, hoping for some kind of protection, safety, or just to say goodbye I was running home with my partner originally we ran two streets too far, and I said “how many times did you trip before we turned left last time?” (they tripped a lot, usually on street corners, it meant ‘how many corners did we pass before turning left?’) and he said two, so we had to run backwards and then home I bitched but not hard, it was the end of the world We got home and threw ourselves in the doorway, finding my parents kissing passionately, the mother exclaiming that if we’d come in just two minutes later, the father would’ve had his pants off My date asked my parents what a “fella” was, and they began answering I looked out the window and watched the liquid come over the horizon and rush at us, “it’s here.” I said, watching the blackness consuming it’s way down my street, a wave like a tsunami rushing at us, it washed over my home, and the floor, the ceiling, the windows, furniture and household objects were all disappearing before me, mere seconds passed before everything was gone, and my vision went black (I disappeared too) That’s when the dream ended