My Dog, Sadie (long explanation ahead)

Date: 2/12/2017

By themoonofharvest

My father was walking or dog Sadie when she ran into the middle of the road. I told him to be careful with her because she liked to be frustrating. The problem is he was walking her on our street. Drivers on our street don't watch the road or drive slow because it's a hill. Also it's the only road in the street that leads from the neighborhood to the interstate, so it's the most busy road. So he tried to get her to move from out of the road and she wouldn't, so he went out in the road to pick her up and move her, but she wouldn't budge. Cars were flying down the road with no regard of the two and they kept almost hitting them. My dog panicked and sat in the same spot in the middle of the road. My dad gave up, and I ran out there. I managed to get the cars to stop and angry people stayed piling into the road, yelling at me about how I need to watch where I'm going. In return I yelled back, going over to make sure my dog was alright and I picked her up. My dog is a corgi beagle mix, so she's an average sized dog, but I pick her up anyway. I held her close, and the cars begin to allow down and pile up, a large line forming and angry divers getting out of their cars. My dog is moving a little but not much (let me add that she didn't get hit, but rather was paralyzed by fear). Her heartbeat was abnormally fast and, I freaked out. I brought her back to my house and set her in our yard, and tried to calm her. Then I woke up.