2 dreams 1 night

Date: 8/10/2017

By oriondrums

i usually have a bunch of seemingly unrelated dreams in one night. memory is really fuzzy with these so its incomplete 1. it was some holiday and i was driving around with my mom (even tho i don't have my license yet) and the holiday is one where some people really enjoy getting packaged ice cream cones and my mom was giving me directions to the nearest place where we could find some for my dad. at one point my mom got out of the car to ask some woman with a hijab where to find ice cream cones and i just kept driving away even tho i could still hear what they were talking about. somehow i still managed to see my mom later even tho i abandoned her for the sake of time 2. i had to do some project where i needed to pick a movie to watch along with doing some other stuff, and i was having a hard time choosing between these two weird danish movies thats all i remember from my dreams