On The Run From a Killer

Date: 7/24/2019

By leathecage

I was working at this grocery store in the produce section, when we got a call come in of a death threat. The terrorist said that anyone who came in tomorrow was going to die. I jokingly said "I guess I'll call in sick tomorrow!" and all my coworkers laughed. Suddenly I heard screaming throughout the store, and gunshots. I ducked and hid under the tomato table, hoping to be hidden well enough. I was suddenly on a school bus, and me and my coworkers were on a field trip to a candy factory. We were also on the run from the killer, and we figured that he'd never find us out that way. At the factory, we all stepped out of the bus on a conveyor belt that toured us around the facility, and at the end we could walk freely around the gift shop. I went to pay for my items when I realised that the clerk working there was the murderer! I ran out of there as quickly as I could. We all boarded the bus before he could catch up to us. I then found myself at home, still being afraid of this killer looking for me. My house was in a sorry state, and I was the soul provider for my family. The chicken coop we have apparently used to be an orphanage, and when I walked in I was about of ghosts of young girls. They told me they'd help rid of this murderer if I could answer their three riddles. I failed, so they just vanished forever. I got to take their stuff though, which included a table saw and a snow shovel. We were in a nuclear winter, so they'd be useful. As I walked back to the barn, I saw the killer, but he was in the form of a giant wolf. I was tired of running, so I stood confidently, eyeing the wolf down. Suddenly, I began inhaling, and the wolf's spirits was absorbed into me. The wolf was not my ally, and I could ride him around through the snow.