Harlequin Nightmare

Date: 8/10/2017

By toxxicduck

I worked and lived with this carnival of sorts. Though I don’t remember doing much working or living, I just knew these things. I was with Corey wandering around a bunch of colorful tents and game huts and it was daytime. I noticed a woman in a harlequin outfit looking at us. Her outfit was checkered blue and green and she was extremely tall. I considered her someone I knew; a friend, maybe? Someone who lived at the carnival too, but I was weirded out by her staring. We entered a hedge maze with the harlequin following us everywhere, which made it super creepy and the dream became la nightmare. I was more focused on getting away from her then finding my way through the maze, but I was being nonchalant about it, not running or warning Corey for some reason. Just looking back at her every so often and she was always several meters away. When we made it out of the maze, it was night. I asked Corey if he’d spend the night with me because I didn't want to be alone with that harlequin following me. We went into a building and into a small room with only a bunk bed in it. It was just mattresses on metal frames, like the crappy bunk beds in Fallout 3. I slept on the top bunk and Corey on the bottom. Right away, the jester girl appeared. She was so tall that her chest and head were in plain view from the top bunk. She was leering at me and leaned over me. I knew I was in danger and screamed to wake Corey up, but he was sleeping too heavily. She crawled onto the top bunk and got on top of me and leaned in close, but I was able to keep her face away with my hands. I think she was trying to rape me and I was terrified! I kept screaming for Corey but he just wouldn’t get up. Then the dream reset. It was daytime again and we were at the carnival game tents. I realized that it was a dream and that it started over, so it became a lucid dream, but I was still bound by the environment. I was thinking about the harlequin and told Corey “I am NOT going through that shit again!” So I decided to just leave the carnival, and left Corey and the harlequin behind. I walked up to a train tunnel (Portland metro) and found a purple speed bike on a bike rack outside of it. I thought “It’s not stealing because it's just a dream” so I took the bike and rode it up the hill into the train tunnel. It was as if I was flying above the ground on the bike, like a broom stick. A train with only one car passed me by, which made me worried I was going to miss it. I came to the train station and both trains going both directions were stopped. I didn’t know which one to get on, so I just got on the closest one, which happened to be going away from the carnival. The sign for the other train read Maxville, on its front which doesn’t exist in real life Portland (to my knowledge).