Shoplifting, school, and a monster hospital

Date: 6/16/2017

By Jiscadreams

First, my family was outside a store. My father and aunt stole some black and white striped lawn chairs and shoved it into the trunk of the car. I remember thinking "yeah, it's pretty normal for my family to shoplift stuff. They do that all the time." It's weird because they don't usually do it in real life. Anyway, after they put furniture in the car, we realized that there was no room for me to sit, since they put the seat down to fit the furniture. So, I climbed into the back with it and buckled in. Then, I was in a school hallway. I guess I didn't have any classes, because while class was in session, I just wandered the hallway. I looked into a classroom and watched a video that they were watching. The teacher told me to go do something else because I was distracting the class by standing at the door. Eventually, I went into a class and watched a video. Then, some people put up pictures in a hallway to advertise something. After that, I was in some kind of hotel or apartment. It was like I was playing a video game. There were little monster things that were sick, and the staff took them into a kind of dreamworld to be cured. Between cures, devices in the wall would beep, and I thought that the building would blow up. I ran outside to find that it looked just like the outside of my house. I ran over to my grandparents' house to escape the explosion. Time passed normal speed, but I moved in slow motion and could barely get away, which sometimes happens in my nightmares. Then someone would tell me that there was no bomb threat, and it was just something malfunctioning. However, I still saw a vision of the building exploding. Despite learning there was no threat, I ran out of the building every time it happened. The dream ended with a "patient" getting cured and it turning into a cat. Then my alarm woke me up.