Date: 2/17/2019

By gigi_moon

Jamie had a chance to transfer his job. We decided on either Maine, Seattle, or Wisconsin. We packed everything up and found out we could move to one of those places but I can’t remember which. I was driving us to our new home. The road was treacherous and for some reason all the cars had been forced to drive in reverse. I saw a bridge up ahead and decided I needed to turn car car around so I could drive normally. I did this, and when we got to the bridge we saw it was like a wooden swinging bridge, but obviously placed to be driven across. We drove into it at a fast speed. It connected to a tall cliff, with water below. I saw the bridge was missing parts, and right as we got to the middle it snapped. J and I both saw we were crashing. As we neared the water I saw an opportunity to grab into a rail. I told J to but he missed. I dive into the water to get him and then pulled him to the rail and we climbed out. We had lost the car but we survived.