Fucking terrifying zombie apocalypse.

Date: 4/11/2017

By DreamingBunny

It all started with me talking to my neighbours sister, no one was home and I didn't want to be alone so I asked her if I could come inside for a little while. We were talking about how her sister (my neighbour) was selling the house. Then I switched to running down the path to my local field at night. I was running with Evan Peters (my brain musta thought I was in American Horror Story) cos I think I turned into Emma Roberts. We saw zombies running over the bridge towards us and we bolted back up the path. As I ran I saw the ground begin to crumble then zombie hands rose up and to dodge them I looked for the crumbly areas of the path and ran around them. I ran onto my street. I suddenly switched from running to the car with these two unknowns girls. The street lights shone making it even scarier. We ran to my dads car which was parked at a side. Both the girls were sat on the passenger seat as I sat the furthest away from the zombies on the other side, they just stared at me. SO CREPPY! Lol memes. "ONE OF YOU GET IN THE FUCKING DRIVERS SEAT!" I yelled SO loudly at them. The emo looking girl jumped onto the drivers seat. "Now what do I do?!" She cried. I thought 'for fuck sake, I'm only 14 and she's like 20 and she doesn't know how to drive a car' "ARE THE FUCKING KEYS THERE?!" "Yes!!" I thanked god that the keys were there. "FUCKING TURN THEM THEN" She did as I had said and the car started up. Under my breath I said hallelujah and we drove off. I was then at a carnival in the morning which was like a safety point. I saw my friends. One them was wearing a realistic black man mask and she is a girl so I saw a black guy wearing a yellow dress. We were trying to figure out what made people turn into zombies. We did a few experiments without people's consent lol. We got zombie blood and sprinkled it on a woman sat on the grass hugging her zombie baby -so sad. She was gonna get infected anyway. That didn't turn her. We saw that everyone that had grass on their body had flies lingering around them meaning that their bodies must be decaying but they were still normal we guessed the transformation took a long time. I was slightly concerned cos I had been laying on the grass. We went to the police telling them that we think the grass is causing this which made us sound stupid. I then saw David Tennant (the old doctor who, two doctor whos ago) with a game stand cos it was a carnival. I have a small crush on David tennant and he was yelling "someone fuck me!" I turned to my friend and said "I'll fuck him later" lol I turned to my friend who was wearing the black guy mask and said lol... "Tyrell, man, why you wearing a dress?..." 😂😂😂