Red Orchestra

Date: 1/16/2017

By Zephandrypus

Was in one of the World Wars. It was snowing. Everyone was a kid. We took a train to the enemy and we had no cover. I got shot a ton but it was just pricks. A couple girls shot me in the upper left of my head, exposing my brain. They demonstrated this by fingering the exposed bit, which gave me an incredibly uncomfortable feeling all over my body. We all kept gathering around at our camp at the top of a hill. The enemy pushed forward, and a few of us, including me, got rocket launchers. I got a kid to steady and aim it while I looked down the scope and readied the trigger. I waited until the crosshair was over a huge bundle of children before blasting them to smithereens. Few guys from church were there. I went to a Minecraft village to hide from enemy fire. There was a bunch of small children and a few adults in one house. The adults came after me so I shot them.