In space/other dimensions

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So I was in this giant great hall like room where there were a shit ton of multicolored mill carts stacked into a maze is sorta kind of like a city landscape. And there were a lot of Eckerd kids there. And there was a big open door way opening at the end of the hall where you could see an identical room through it. This room had all the same people in it, including me. It was like, another dimension. And in this place I could jump really high and gravity didn't affect me as much. So then the dream changed where I was in space with this nice mid 40s blonde lady who was showing me how to do something. I could see earth as a sphere and I was like somewhere between it and the moon. And I was thinking like, how am I surviving without air? And I got kinda scared but the lady calmed me down and showed me I could breath. Even though we didnt have space suits on or anything. And I realized there also was no gravity so I should be able to float? And I could kind of, it was like being in a harness and I kinda bounced. But then there was hard ground that wasn't visible right under me. And then I looked harder and I could see the ground was like a web, mesh of red and blue string that looked purple when put together and it spanned all across the universe. Like tying everything together. And I could manipulate the mesh and like flipped upside down and shit.